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I spent the entire week-end on this, for 2 reasons :

  1. I needed to find & understand every Kikuchi’s musics : which are released and which aren’t, on which compilation, which are used on each DB/DBZ arcs, during fights, when the movies are released and when the movies’ musics reached the serie, …
  2. I needed to make legit playlist for each map / characters. So I digged into the anime, looking at each fight and recording which music is used.

For this second point, I spent some time listening the musics, and searching into my directories which file I’m listening to; then I discovered the awesome Kenisu database, and I saved few hours and my mental sanity.

So in order to make good BGMs, I assumed some points :

  • As a round is 300 seconds, I need music that lasts 300 sec. I don’t want them to loop (and I’m not sure it does).
  • I try to keep a story in BGM : from “calm” to “energic” or “tragic”. Not easy but I try !
  • I wanted each stage to be linked to a saga, so the Kikuchi’s music sets used will be identified :
    • Wasteland : early Buu arc (M1700, M1600, M1800)
    • Rocky field : Sayians arc (M700, M800)
    • Town : Androids arc (M1100, M1200, M1300)
    • Destroyed town : Dismal futur like androids OAV & DBS Black ! (M1200, M1300, and DBS’s Trunks arc but not released yet)
    • KaioshinKai : late buu arc (M1800, M1900, M2000, M2100)
    • Namek : Frieza arc (M800, M900)
    • Volcano : dramatic Frieza arc (M900, M1000)
    • Tenkaichi Budokai : Every tournament’s fun musics ! (M1700, M500, M300, …)
    • And so on…

Choices for stages are 90% complete. Now I will have to encode into great quality .ogg (so good source files), and pack into a mod, and release this. I’ll merely need some help for the last part !

I will consider a V2 with characters BGMs later. The main milestone is february 28, with the release of DBS OST volume 2.

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