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OK everything’s going pretty fine !

  • Audio-mixing is really easy : queuing several cues and exporting in .ogg is way faster than I tought.
  • Keeping a good audio quality was easy also, as a big part of the used BGMs are released ones, I have original CDs so good sources.
  • Unpacking the pakchunk0.pak file was simple with the tutorial video. Thanks again !
  • Importing my .ogg into the actual files is scary but not really hard, with an hexa-decimal editor.

And now the fun part : how the game will accept music mods ? 2 methods exist :

  1. Newpak method : making a newpak exactly as on the tutorial video, paste it in the ~mods folder, and let the game loads this folder.
  2. Reimport method : editing directly the pakchunk0.pak file by injecting the modded musics directly into. Forces to make a backup, longer, and more difficult to publish.

Well… The problem is that the newpak method doesn’t work well with musics. You can’t just propose your “4M music file.uexp” packed into the ~mods folder, and expect the game to use it like for any models mods :(. The guy who did the Budokai OST mod was forced to publish a 2,8G .pak file, instead of what, 100M of musics ? He only had this option, no choice.

So for now I will use the reimport method for testing purpose (feeling of my music choices, compression level of .ogg, …), and I will aim for a newpak publishing smaller than 2G. I have few ideas to test (but I think the budokai guy tested them) :

  • Pak with the whole \BGM folder
  • Pak with the whole \Audio folder

Anyway, it’s only a size question : The mod will be available this week-end at last. Keep it up ! You will have some surprise with my Soundtrack 🙂