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Hello, and thank you very much for your support !

There’s 2 mains problems with Kikuchi mod for DBF :

  • Understanding how to mod
  • Understanding how Kikuchi’s cues were used in the anime.

It’s a long run but I’m pretty confident !

This pack will be anime only : I wanted a Kikuchi only, but I rather respect DBS stages & characters with their own theme. Also, for characters theme, I may use some iconic musics, like battle point unlimited for Trunks, or unmei no hi for Gohan. My main concern is rythm ! It’s a fighting game and I can’t put too slow songs during matchs.

I plan to do another pack after with video games OST, like butoden, budokai or battle 22. But unlike Anime score, I’m not confident about my videogames OST’s knowledge. So maybe some other guys will mod this before me ? We will see !