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      Hello modders. I will try to make these suggestions short and sweet: 
      1. Halo mod for most of the characters even Android 21 
      2. Barefoot mod for Android 21 (18 too if possible) 
      3. Ultra instinct form mod  for Goku and Vegeta 
      4. SSGSS Gohan 
      5. Evil Android 21 skin mod 
      6. Gold Cell 
      7. Clone color platelet for Hit, Android 21, Beerus and Goku Black 
      8. Frost color mod for Frieza 
      9. Color edit tool mod 

      I hope this isn’t too much. 🙂 Good luck modders! 

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      Oh. And Super Sayain Yamcha! 

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       try to make ssj god Goku with base hair, not the super sayan 1 hair.

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      I would love a mod that zooms OUT of the battlefield a bit. Maybe sort of a FOV adjuster of some kind, where you can zoom/out of the fight in increments, using the scroll buttons or something. This should allow you to still see both characters even after one has taken flight while the other has not.


      To add to this mod, I’d also love to see a completely static cam, totally fixed. The only time it should move is during super/ultimates.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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