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      Hello guys,

      First of all, thank you very much for this site and your tutorial. I expect a lot from modders community for DBF, and this is the best start we can imagine.

      So basically I’ld like to replace original BGM by other ones (Kikuchi, Sadamoto, Faulconer, personal musics, …)

      With your tutorial, I ripped the 1st pack and filtered the BGM directory. See below.

      So here’s my noob questions :

      1. what is the codec used for those .uexp sound files ?
      2. Can we easily know the length of each of each ?
      3. Can we just take our music, rename with the same name that an existing one, and it just works ?
      4. How to convert our classic .mp3 or .wav into those .uexp ?
      5. Let’s pack it up and release.

      And here’s my episode 2 questions :

      1. How the original BGM musics manage the loops/transitions/chain during a scene longer than the track’s length ?
      2. Can we use those effects ? Like loop (at a specific time), transition (fade, closure, ..) or chain (between 2 tracks)
      3. Can we add new triggering events ? Like during a switch, a super attack, a destructive finish, …

      Here’s the actual list of BGM (I’ll see into the 2nd pack tonight) :

      • First value is the size of the file (give a idea on the length), second is name of the file
      • _bat_ are battle BGMs, _sto_ are story BGMs, and _main_ are main menus BGMs.
      • In _bat_ list, we can see the files with name of the futur BGM DLC : Dandan, Makafushi adventure, We gotta Power, Chala head chala, Solid state scouter, … bold

      9,036,012b 001_bat_cave.uexp
      5,754,472b 002_bat_iwaba.uexp
      5,641,822b 003_bat_namek.uexp
      5,579,906b 004_bat_volcano.uexp
      9,166,139b 005_bat_town.uexp
      9,272,456b 006_bat_towndestroy.uexp
      8,235,633b 007_bat_tenka.uexp
      5,816,177b 008_bat_island.uexp
      5,476,321b 009_bat_cellgame.uexp
      6,173,503b 010_bat_wasteland.uexp
      6,497,960b 011_bat_kaiousinkai.uexp
      3,458,485b 018_bat_select.uexp
      8,725,453b 013_bat_space.uexp
      5,782,029b 014_bat_boss1.uexp
      9,211,837b 014_bat_boss2.uexp
      9,331,140b 014_bat_boss3.uexp
      1,385,478b 037_bat_vs.uexp
      1,378,183b 038_bat_result.uexp
      4,903,413b 041_bat_gks.uexp
      4,646,741b 042_bat_ght.uexp
      5,493,173b 043_bat_pcn.uexp
      4,775,364b 044_bat_vgs.uexp
      4,893,755b 045_bat_krn.uexp
      5,026,264b 046_bat_ymn.uexp
      7,466,457b 047_bat_tnn.uexp
      4,261,936b 048_bat_npn.uexp
      7,439,207b 049_bat_frn.uexp
      7,406,906b 050_bat_gnn.uexp
      7,462,305b 051_bat_trs.uexp
      5,243,688b 052_bat_aen.uexp
      4,701,213b 053_bat_asn.uexp
      7,536,839b 054_bat_cen.uexp
      4,715,968b 055_bat_gtl.uexp
      4,654,772b 056_bat_bun.uexp
      7,680,852b 057_bat_htn.uexp
      8,414,578b 058_bat_gbr.uexp
      7,404,151b 059_bat_bsn.uexp
      1,563,585b 250_bat_maka.uexp
      1,448,753b 251_bat_roman.uexp
      1,547,191b 252_bat_chala.uexp
      1,520,960b 253_bat_wegotta.uexp
      1,434,266b 254_bat_zenkai.uexp
      1,338,436b 255_bat_tenshi.uexp
      1,586,137b 256_bat_dandan.uexp
      1,055,149b 257_bat_prolog.uexp
      852,391b 258_bat_newhero.uexp
      4,047,998b 259_bat_solid.uexp
      924,018b 260_bat_ginyuforce.uexp
      160,959b 040_sto_gameover.uexp
      4,497,996b 017_sto_title.uexp
      707,590b 012_sto_opening.uexp
      1,432,389b 012_sto_openinglong.uexp
      4,859,574b 019_sto_arasuji.uexp
      5,257,259b 020_sto_map.uexp
      3,577,087b 021_sto_nichijo1.uexp
      4,228,221b 022_sto_nichijo2.uexp
      4,998,490b 023_sto_gag.uexp
      4,466,992b 024_sto_fuan.uexp
      4,751,409b 025_sto_seishin.uexp
      4,598,168b 026_sto_seigi.uexp
      3,204,978b 027_sto_aku.uexp
      4,775,644b 028_sto_kyofu.uexp
      4,734,468b 029_sto_kyu.uexp
      4,700,742b 029_sto_kyu_fadeinCUT.uexp
      4,582,390b 030_sto_sento1.uexp
      3,515,351b 031_sto_sento2.uexp
      5,259,105b 032_sto_ending.uexp
      4,492,312b 033_sto_staff.uexp
      5,383,429b 034_main_lobby.uexp
      6,646,184b 035_main_raid.uexp
      5,636,243b 036_main_shuffle.uexp
      4,651,888b 016_main_menu.uexp
      1,845,180b 015_main_title.uexp

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      Ok guys,

      I advanced a bit, I successfully exported the musics into .ogg, thanks to umodel.

      Before finding how to actually swap a music (I think it’s now pretty easy and fast), the main part is now to define which music will be the perfect swap.

      So here’s a link to some materials. I’ll move from my side, and make some propositions.

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      I spent the entire week-end on this, for 2 reasons :

      1. I needed to find & understand every Kikuchi’s musics : which are released and which aren’t, on which compilation, which are used on each DB/DBZ arcs, during fights, when the movies are released and when the movies’ musics reached the serie, …
      2. I needed to make legit playlist for each map / characters. So I digged into the anime, looking at each fight and recording which music is used.

      For this second point, I spent some time listening the musics, and searching into my directories which file I’m listening to; then I discovered the awesome Kenisu database, and I saved few hours and my mental sanity.

      So in order to make good BGMs, I assumed some points :

      • As a round is 300 seconds, I need music that lasts 300 sec. I don’t want them to loop (and I’m not sure it does).
      • I try to keep a story in BGM : from “calm” to “energic” or “tragic”. Not easy but I try !
      • I wanted each stage to be linked to a saga, so the Kikuchi’s music sets used will be identified :
        • Wasteland : early Buu arc (M1700, M1600, M1800)
        • Rocky field : Sayians arc (M700, M800)
        • Town : Androids arc (M1100, M1200, M1300)
        • Destroyed town : Dismal futur like androids OAV & DBS Black ! (M1200, M1300, and DBS’s Trunks arc but not released yet)
        • KaioshinKai : late buu arc (M1800, M1900, M2000, M2100)
        • Namek : Frieza arc (M800, M900)
        • Volcano : dramatic Frieza arc (M900, M1000)
        • Tenkaichi Budokai : Every tournament’s fun musics ! (M1700, M500, M300, …)
        • And so on…

      Choices for stages are 90% complete. Now I will have to encode into great quality .ogg (so good source files), and pack into a mod, and release this. I’ll merely need some help for the last part !

      I will consider a V2 with characters BGMs later. The main milestone is february 28, with the release of DBS OST volume 2.

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      OK everything’s going pretty fine !

      • Audio-mixing is really easy : queuing several cues and exporting in .ogg is way faster than I tought.
      • Keeping a good audio quality was easy also, as a big part of the used BGMs are released ones, I have original CDs so good sources.
      • Unpacking the pakchunk0.pak file was simple with the tutorial video. Thanks again !
      • Importing my .ogg into the actual files is scary but not really hard, with an hexa-decimal editor.

      And now the fun part : how the game will accept music mods ? 2 methods exist :

      1. Newpak method : making a newpak exactly as on the tutorial video, paste it in the ~mods folder, and let the game loads this folder.
      2. Reimport method : editing directly the pakchunk0.pak file by injecting the modded musics directly into. Forces to make a backup, longer, and more difficult to publish.

      Well… The problem is that the newpak method doesn’t work well with musics. You can’t just propose your “4M music file.uexp” packed into the ~mods folder, and expect the game to use it like for any models mods :(. The guy who did the Budokai OST mod was forced to publish a 2,8G .pak file, instead of what, 100M of musics ? He only had this option, no choice.

      So for now I will use the reimport method for testing purpose (feeling of my music choices, compression level of .ogg, …), and I will aim for a newpak publishing smaller than 2G. I have few ideas to test (but I think the budokai guy tested them) :

      • Pak with the whole \BGM folder
      • Pak with the whole \Audio folder

      Anyway, it’s only a size question : The mod will be available this week-end at last. Keep it up ! You will have some surprise with my Soundtrack 🙂

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      I was thinking to try and make an anime ost mod, but i’m not really good with sounds.

      I just see this post, and it seems you are working so hard on it, so i hope this fits what i was specting, keep it going


      Just wondering, are you going to add songs from other source’s (like other mods out there, like budokai’s) or everything is from the anime ost?

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      Hello, and thank you very much for your support !

      There’s 2 mains problems with Kikuchi mod for DBF :

      • Understanding how to mod
      • Understanding how Kikuchi’s cues were used in the anime.

      It’s a long run but I’m pretty confident !

      This pack will be anime only : I wanted a Kikuchi only, but I rather respect DBS stages & characters with their own theme. Also, for characters theme, I may use some iconic musics, like battle point unlimited for Trunks, or unmei no hi for Gohan. My main concern is rythm ! It’s a fighting game and I can’t put too slow songs during matchs.

      I plan to do another pack after with video games OST, like butoden, budokai or battle 22. But unlike Anime score, I’m not confident about my videogames OST’s knowledge. So maybe some other guys will mod this before me ? We will see !

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      Hello Nayte,

      Thanks for the hard work !

      You second link in the excel document seems to be offline : http://robic.julien.free.fr/NayteDBFv1.rar
      Can you please reupload it ?

      Thank you !


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        163173 wrote:

        Hello Nayte, Thanks for the hard work ! You second link in the excel document seems to be offline : http://robic.julien.free.fr/NayteDBFv1.rar Can you please reupload it ? Thank you !

        Hello Darkshakaa,

        Currently reuploading it, will be avaiable in few time !

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      At least I can tell I finished the 1st version ! it’s the Ultimate DB OST pack you can find on this site. I will work for the V2 on march.

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      Hello Nayte,

      Thanks for the information !
      For the songs, did you end up following exactly the excel file : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nVvpuURW5cKw33eog2dS-O1gk8xy_DjbLO9bTJT46Nw/edit#gid=0

      or did you make some modifications ?

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      The informations in the “timings” tab are 100% accurate regarding my mod ! Not sure about the main tab ? I’ll correct.

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      Ok thank you for your answer !
      That would be very useful to have the list up to date with you last mod modifications.

      I’ll check the timings tab first as you suggested 😉
      I was using the first one to start…

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