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      Welcome to

      We are a growing community that hopes to support many fans.

      The team of  is working hard to provide the base for a productive and pleasant community for all its members.
      To ensure our efforts are not in vain we advice all users to read and respect a few simple guide lines while visiting our domain:

      If you are a modder and intend to showcase your work on this website:

      #1 Only Upload your mod Once and wait for its approval!!!

      Our team works hard to approve new mods as fast as possible. We cant moderat 24/7 tho so if your mod takes a while to be approved be patience pls.

      #2 Dont reupload someone elses mod!!!

      if someone dont upload his mods, he probably doesnt want them to be here.

      #3 The default language on VGM is english

      Uploads and posts should be kept in english. If necessary you can provide alternate translations in the mod description.

      #4 Each mod needs atleast one picture which clearly shows the mod ingame

      Dont just upload pics from the anime or something else. It has to show the mod ingame.

      #5 The download button should only redirect to the direct download page.

      It is not allowed to redirect to YouTube videos or something else trough the download button. It is however possible to embed a YouTube video into the mod description.

      #6 If you use only some parts of someones mod (for example only the hair on the rest is made by you) ask the original author for permission before you upload it.

      Also credit him in the description

      #7 You have to set a thumbnail image

      Just click on a pic you uploaded to set it as the thumbnail picture

      #8 If you update an old mod of yours dont reupload it. Just edit your old entry to update it to the newest version

      #9 Upload of trainers or other external executable applications on this website is forbidden without asking our team for permission first.

      The reason for this is that we had many issues with hackware in the past. Numerous complaints about malware and virusses attached to such downloads made us applying a ban on such software. Modding tools however are still welcome.

      violating one or more rules can result in a ban without warning
      if you see any mod that doesnt follow the rules pls report it on the right sidebar and enter a proper reason why you reported it

      If you are a user and intend to join the forum:

      #1 While participating in discussions on this website be respectfull towards other members.

      Do not use any kinds of insults or demeaning words in your posts or private messages. This is a website for FighterZ modding, we’re all here to have fun.

      #2 The default language on is english.

      Please keep your posts in english as far as you can, you may however provide alternate translations into other languages if wanted or required.

      #3 Provide credit when you present someone’s work.

      If you showcase a mod in a video, screenshot compilation or any other way please provide proper credit to the author aswell as a direct link to the download page or to the modder’s thread. Asking for permission is not required if not determined otherwise in the author’s thread.

      #4 Please keep your posts in a legible manner.

      Be considerate when using changes in font color, font size or capslock. We do not support any kind of censorship but we reserve the right to remove or alter posts we consider as spam. ( Alteration only in a sense as described above, meaning font size and/or color. Changes in contents are not to be expected.)

      #5 Please stay on topic with your posts. Keep your comments in the threads they are meant for.

      #6 Keep adult content or content displaying overly acts of violence in a spoiler while posting a warning about the images ahead.

      Please remember that there might be children visiting this website.
      While we do not support censorship we do however reserve the right to remove posts that we consider inappropriate. Always keep in mind what the website is meant for.

      #7 does not support software piracy. Therefore posts and uploads of pirated or piracy supportive content will be removed and the author penalized.

      If you are unsure about any of these rules or require further elaboration feel free to contact a member of the team. We are always happy to help.



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