A Budokai Music Mod

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  • descriptionDescription

    I made a music mod with Budokai Music cause the other one I saw had the songs placed randomly.

    This only replaces stage music, no menus or character themes.

    Might be too loud. IDK.

    Songs replaced:

    Cave - Greatest tactics in the universe
    Cell Games - Sky Battle For Justice
    City - Twist of Fate
    Destroyed City - Ultimatum
    Destroyed Namek - Warrior From An Unknown Land
    Islands - Archipelago
    Land of the Kais - Wild Soul
    Namek - Challengers
    Rocky Field - Mission ~Make a New Legend~
    Space - Move Forward Fearlessly
    Wasteland - Night of Tempest
    World Tournament - Plains (budokai 2)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Copy and paste the files inside the zip into you ~Mods folder in


    DRAGON BALL FighterZREDContentPaks


    Where you have your Dragonball Fighterz game installed.