Arcade Stick Prompts (For Combo Trials)

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    I do not take any responsibility for any damages this may cause to your game! As a community, we do not know if Bandai Namco and Arksys will take action against tampering with the game files or modding. When you use my mod (or anybody else's), you take full responsibility for any and all risks. You have been warned.

    As far as I'm aware, it is impossible to switch to Arcade style command prompts, like in Guilty Gear. So, I decided to make this over an afternoon to both waste time and to make Combo Trials just a smidgen more bearable. This mod simply replaces the default Xbox prompts with Generic, Arcade Stick Prompts. Outside of Combo Trials, I found this mod to have very limited use. I hope that you can find more value than I did.

    The way this works is by replacing the textures of the default prompts with L, M, H, S, and a few custom prompts I made. I originally was planning to make a version for each different popular layout, but soon quickly found out that that would be pointless due to how DBFZ works, and any attempts to make this more universally useful resulted in the Combo Trails displaying "236 A1"/"QCF A1" as Goku's Kamahameha Wave. This means that everywhere else in the game, the displayed inputs will be wrong. Kind of a failure of a mod, in my eyes, but I've spent this long on it so I might as well let you try it and find some value in it. I may continue working on it if I can find some work around and have the free time.

    I don't think this mod could cause any irreparable damages to your game or computer, since it's simply a texture mod. However, be cautions when using any mods, especially with newer games.

    Thanks to:
    Thomakaze - I looked at his mod to get an idea of how the process works and how to find the files.
    I didn't directly use his mod to make mine, but you should check his stuff out. He's made many UI mods
    for DBFZ so far, including a PS4 Icon replacer, a Nintendo Icon replacer, and a Steam Controller
    replacer. All of his stuff works flawlessly. You can find it here

    Mizumi & Mastaklo - Both have great beginner guides to modding DBFZ, and I heavily relied on their
    videos since this is my first attempt. You can find Mizumi's video here and Mastaklo's video here.

    And Sleep - cause i desperatly need it right now

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    Unpack into your root DRAGON BALL FighterZ folder.

    If you haven't installed any mods before, follow these instructions

    Once you get past the lengthy set-up process, all mods afterwords should be as simple as dragging and

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