Broly Recolor

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  • descriptionDescription

    First time of my entire life for me that im trying to do a "mod"!

    I redid the colors of Broly so that it is less "washed out".
    The mod installs on the color 06 for the moment.

     In a few moments I will release another mod to change the color of the skin and hair while keeping the different original costumes.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  • event_noteChangelog
    • V 0.2 "Soon"

    Now that i am on a calbrate IPS screen, i'm gonna modify a bit the colors tomorrow.

    Actually, the first version got too much saturation. So i'm gonna reduce the color intensity.

    And change just a really little bit the color tint.

    I'm gonna keep the "old" versions in the mod folder to let the users choose the one they prefer.
    Thank you for your Feedback guys.

    • V 0.1 First recolor test for Broly.