Caulifla (over Kefla) “Beta”

  • description Description

    I edited Kefla's face to look more like Caulifla and gave her Caulifla's parts. It took a LOT of trial and error to make the face not look cursed.

    Also I edited her chest because I can. Has some issues and stuff because I can't rig. It's a beta because it doesn't have custom voices,
    so if anyone want's to do them, feel free to...because I wont ;)

    I've included a extra mod that removes Kale so it makes somewhat more sense.

    Her alt colors are a bit random, I know.



    Her colors are supposed to be used with the other Kefla recolors, so Colors 3,7,8 aren't edited and can be overwritten by those mods (Kelfa Black - color-8, and Caulifla/Kale colors).


    Caulifla NUDE can be found here for FREE:


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Put them in the ~mods folder like all the other mods.

  • event_note Changelog

    Updated her upper arms and recolors.
    Arms are thicker now, armpits look better too. You can look at the base form pics to see the the updated version.