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    CONTEST ENTRY FOR "Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Modding Contest" ON GAMEBANANA https://gamebanana.com/contests/90


    While Cooler may be a confirmed future DLC character for the game according to unused audio files, wouldn't it be neat to be able to play as Cooler right now?

    This Mod includes the following:

    -Model Replacement (Cooler and Final Form Cooler)
    -Custom UIs
    -Audio Replacement (Unfinished, but Optional)

    There may be updates to this mod sometime in the future, assuming they don't announce Cooler as DLC, which at that point I will drop this mod completely and leave it as is.

    Not much else to say really. Enjoy the Mod!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the .rar file in your DRAGON BALL FighterZREDContentPaks~mods directory.

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    1.0 - Initial Release

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  • UpdatedMar 25, 2018
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