DBFZ | Female Fused Zamasu (Femasu) PUBLIC BETA | OniFox

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    Be honest with yourself. Did you really believe no one would attempt to make this?

    ...Ok I guess I would be the last person you'd expect, but I did it!

    This is Female Fused Zamasu (Femasu) who replaces Regular Fused Zamasu! This is a PUBLIC BETA, meaning stuff WILL be updated/changed in the FINAL version.

    This Public Beta was achieved by 10 people commenting #PrayToTheGothGoddess on SLOplay's video of the same mod. If this mod reaches 500 Downloads, I'll make a Corrupted version part of the final build!

    Final Build will include:

    -Female Voice
    -Fixed Rig
    -Fixed Outlines
    -New UI (by HighCaliber)
    -Base Female Zamasu (For Goku Black, and the Intro)

    Enjoy the mod!

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  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Extract the .rar file in your DRAGON BALL FighterZ/RED/Content/Paks/~mods directory.

  • event_noteChangelog

    0.7 - Beta Release