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    Sometimes Final Content looks lazily done... and you get sick of it.

    This is my attempt at making some better Goku Black recolors for FighterZ, to replace the old ones which had barely any effort put into them. Each of the recolors are references that are related to Goku Black (and Zamasu) in some way, even if it's not through a direct interaction with the character it references.

    This mod also comes with an optional replacement for Normal Zamasu, to make his recolors match Goku Black's. I made this one optional, as Zamasu had somewhat decent recolors already, but for the full experience of the mod, you want to install the Optional file too.

    Not much else to add here. Enjoy the Mod!

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the .rar file in your DRAGON BALL FighterZ/RED/Content/Paks/~mods directory.

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    1.0 - Initial Release

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