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    This mod replaces most of the music files within the game with an assortment of the soundtracks of Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Kai.


    List of songs and what they have replaced:

    Character themes:

    Android 16 - Super Saiyan Three (Kai 2014)

    Android 18 - The Fierce Battle (Kai)

    Beerus - The Ebb and Flow (Kai)

    Majin Buu - One Hit to Victory (Kai)

    Cell - Scampering Battle! (Kai)

    Freeza - Freeza's Secret Plan (Super)

    Captain Ginyu - Battle Dance Music (Kai)

    Adult/Teen Gohan - No More! (Kai 2014)

    Goku - Ultimate Battle Instrumental (Super)

    Goku Black - Reviving Majin Buu (Kai 2014)

    Gotenks - Crisis (Kai 2014)

    Hit - Trouble Erupts (Super)

    Krillin - The Final Deathmatch (Super)

    Nappa - The Power to Resist (Super)

    Piccolo - Instant-Kill Battle (Super)

    Tenshinhan - The Wall Before One's Eyes (Super)

    Trunks - Heroic Battle (Super)

    Vegeta - Battle Royale (Kai 2014)

    Yamcha - Fierce Battle Against a Mighty Foe (Super)



    Cavern - Flow ~ Hero (Battle of Gods)

    Rocky Field - Strongarm Battle (Super)

    Cell Games Arena - Dream Tag Match (Super)

    Space - Jiren's Theme (Super)

    Islands - The Lone Warrior (Kai)

    West City - Unwinnable Battle (Super)

    Land of the Kais - Knockout Blow (Super)

    West City Destroyed - An Antagonistic Battle (Super)

    Planet Namek - The Braveheart Challenges the Strong (Kai)

    Planet Namek (Destroyed) - The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan (Kai)

    World Tournament Arena - Frantic Cover (Kai)

    Wasteland - A Fearsome Foe (Super)



    Title Screen - Dragon Soul Orchestral Version (Kai)

    Character Select - The Road to Tomorrow (Kai)

    Results Screen - Limit Break x Survivor Instrumental Type A (Super)

    Lobby Theme - Running Across the Land (Kai)

    Loading Screen - A Moment for Shuddering (Kai)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    To install this mod, place the included folder in the following directory:

    C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/DRAGON BALL FighterZ/RED/Content/Paks/~mods

    If you do not have a folder called "~mods" in the Paks directory, simply create that folder.

    This mod is compatible online.

  • event_note Changelog


    • Replaced Cavern's theme with Flow ~ Hero (Battle of Gods)
    • Moved Battle to Survive! (Super) to Land of the Kais and renamed it to official title (Knockout Blow)
    • Removed Great Saiyaman (Kai 2014)
    • Replaced Gohan's theme with No More! (Kai 2014)
    • Replaced Freeza's theme with Freeza's Secret Plan (Super)
    • Moved The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan (Kai) to Namek (Destroyed)
    • Replaced Title Screen theme with Dragon Soul Orchestral Version (Kai)
    • Replaced A Dangerous New Enemy (Super) with Dream Tag Battle (Super)
    • Removed A Dangerous New Enemy (Super)
    • Replaced Space with Jiren's Theme (Super)
    • Replaced Ultra Instinct Rush (Super) with The Wall Before One's Eyes (Super)
    • Removed Ultra Instinct Rush (Super) - Turns out it was a duplicate! Oops!
    • Replaced West City Destroyed's theme with An Antagonistic Battle (Super)
    • Replaced Rocky Field's theme with Strongarm Battle (Super)
    • Replaced Wasteland's theme with A Fearsome Foe (Super)



    Initial release.

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