Dragon Dimension Super Soundtrack in FighterZ

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    HalusaTwin's Dragon Dimension Super OST Replacement Mod for FighterZ
    (Plus BONUS MP3 Tracks: Majin Android 21 and Dyspo Vs Gohan (Feat. 94 Stones)


    This mod replaces almost all the tracks featured in FighterZ with track from the Dragon Dimension Super Collection. The Title screen, Lobby and many more tracks replaced with HalusaTwin's BEST tracks from the 8 Albums of DDS.


    Some of these tracks replace stages and intro sections, and some replace the character theme's in the story cutscenes. Not all tracks are replaced as the main story theme and epic battle track's still remain.

    Tracks and listing:

    Rock The Dragon (HalusaStyle): Intro/Title - NOTE: This track has 1 second of Silence at the start, so just give it a sec to get going lol
    Kameha: Character Selection
    A Mutual Hatred For Saiyans
    Enoki Black
    Epic Battle
    Epic Showdown
    Full Body, Full Mind, FULL POWER!
    Gohan Vs Dyspo (Feat. 94Stones)
    ItzSenzu Theme
    Ultimate Kaioken Gokhan
    Uncoordinated Assault
    Bergamo, The Crusher
    Perfection Returns!
    Dark Namekians
    Frieza Vs Dyspo
    Jikan, Destroyer Of The Past
    Royal Blue
    Divine Spirit Bomb
    SSB Gogeta
    Toppo Vs Cabba
    Universe 4 Get Serious!
    Evil Goku
    Strong Willed Saiyans
    Frieza, The Omni King
    I'm Back, From The Future!
    God Ki, Piccolo
    Goku And Krillin Vs Frieza And Cell
    Goku Black! Battles Beyond Time 1.2
    Adult Gotenks
    The Berzerker
    Krillin (Super Human)
    Old Buu Emerges
    SSB Vegito
    Super Saiyan White/Blanco
    Tien's New Form
    Ultimate Gohan
    Vegeta, Power Beyond A God!
    I'm Back, Baby!

    ENJOY! Subarashii!!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Within your Dragon Ball FighterZ fold, located in in Steamapps/Common/Dragon Ball FighterZ/RED/Contents/Paks Create a Folder called ~mods and place the new soundtrack into the folder. The game will automatically switch the tracks.

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    Added Two MP3 tracks, Majin Android 21 Theme and Dyspo Vs Gohan Featuring 94Stones.

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