Dragon Soul Custom Opening Mod

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  • descriptionDescription

    Replaces the opening cinematic with a custom cinematic set to Dragon Soul by Takayoshi Tanimo.

    (video quality is better in-game)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Step 1) Locate the following directory: in steamapps>common>DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ
    Step 2) Then locate: RED>Content>Movies
    Step 3) Either remove the file in the folder titled "mv_opening_ww_pakchunk1" or leave it in the folder and rename it to something else in case you decide to start using it again.
    Step 4) DumpĀ my file titled "mv_opening_ww_pakchunk1.mp4" into the "Movies" folder.
    Step 5) Enjoy!

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  • UpdatedJan 6, 2019
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