Dramatic Finishes on Different Stages

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    This mod makes a few Dramatic Finishes occur on different stages. This only works with stages that are loaded alongside the original, like Namek DF's can only be swapped with Volcano DF's.

    1. Teen Gohan vs. Cell (Cavern)
    2. Teen Gohan vs. Cell (Cell Games)
    3. Adult Gohan vs. Broly (Cavern)
    4. SSJ Goku vs. Frieza INTRO (Volcano)
    5. Gogeta vs. DBS Broly (Namek)
    6. Trunks vs. Zamasu (Rocky Field (Evening))
    7. Vegito vs. Zamasu (West City)

    If y'all wanna see any more potential DF stage swaps then let me know.

    NOTE: This does not let the DF occur on their original stage, AND ALL OF THEM WILL CAUSE ISSUES IN FUTURE UPDATES. As a suggestion, when we get the next DBFZ update, delete the mods and give me time to update them.

  • event_noteChangelog

    Season 1: Initial Release
    Season 1 v2: Added Teen Gohan vs Cell (Cell Games)

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