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    UPDATE: Since I had some free time now that my classes are done, I was able to update this mod and changed a few things. First of all, I have now added music for all the DLC characters and the Galactic Arena stage. I also added themes for the Raid and FighterZ Cup. Lastly, I adjusted the volume of some songs and changed the songs for West City and Destroyed Namek. If you have any suggestions, feel free to give some feedback. Enjoy!


    Just a soundtrack I made for me and my friends, but I figured I might as well share it here too.

    This mod replaces EVERY character theme (Except the DLC other than Broly and Bardock), stage theme, Boss theme, and the lobby, loading, victory screen, and main menu music.

    • I mostly used tracks from the Faulconer Soundtrack for basically everything and 1 Kai song for Nappa's theme since I couldn't find a fitting song for him.
    • I used Super's OST for characters from Super and for the Space stage
    • I also used songs from DBZ movies for DLC.

    I made this mod for me and my friends, but feel free to leave feedback and suggestions and I might change or edit some of the songs.

    MAJOR Props to MexicanBBQ for his DBFZ OST Mod Maker. He made it super easy to create soundtrack mods with that tool.


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    Just drag and drop the OSTMod folder from the zip file into your ~mods folder.

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