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    Disclaimer : I dont own any soundtrack in this pack. I just collect and put them into a mod . You can find that track in youtube .

    This pack contain many soundtrack from many different game like but mostly from persona series. I choose each track base on each character's personality , almost every character . You should try this pack if youre tired of listening to dbfz series's soundtrack from other mod pack . And English isnt my first language so dont bother about it

    This pack dont replace all track 

    Here is the list 

    hit Persona 3 OST - Master of Tartarus
    beerus Lets Dance Boys (Bayonetta) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U
    nappa Vegeta - Ill Surpass 'Em All!
    buu Persona 5 - Blooming Villain Remix
    freeza The Fog - Konishi Remix - Persona 4 Dancing All Night
    gohan BlazBlue- Cross Tag Battle OST - Reach Out To The Truth (Yu Narukamis Theme)
    goku My Hero Academia OST - You Say Run
    goku black Ajin Yoru wa Nemureru kai- Instrumental Opening
    picolo Persona 3 Portable OST - Wiping All Out
    cell Time To Make History -special mix
    broly Will Power - Persona 5 OST

    rocky field Persona 4 - "I'll Face Myself" (10th Anniversary Cover) | damus1cmahn
    Cell game arena Life Will Change ( Instrumental ver.) - Persona 5 OST
    World Tournament Arena Dragon Ball Super - Limit Break X Survivor Full Guitar Cover by 94Sto
    cavern Devil May Cry 5 - Devil Trigger (Instrumental recreation)
    wasteland ( plain destroyed ) Battle Hymn of the Soul - Dual Mix- (Reunion)
    namek destroyed Persona 5 DLC The Arena Battle Theme OST
    west city destroyed NieR Song of the Ancients - Fate roux
    land of the kai ( kaio world ) Persona - FES Remix Ost 2# Heartful Cry+Download Link
    west city Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Main theme FULL - Break out of... By Hirata Shihoko & L
    Space Persona 4 Ultimax - Battle Hymn of the Soul [Margaret Theme]

    Have fun


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    Like normal 

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    1.2 New music list update

         No more crash . I have tested every song

         A little improve on the quality of the sound . Most of them are in 320kb

         Hope you guys can inform me if the link is dead or the game is crash

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