Gokhan (Goku & Gohan Fusion)

  • description Description

    Gokhan is the immensly powerful Potara Fusion of Goku and Gohan that happened in an alternate timeline!

    In the Manga, Goku and Gohan almost fused in the Buu Arc but shortly after it was Goku and Vegeta that fused into Vegito.
    Even if Gokhan is non-canon and non-official, do you think is stronger than Vegito, Broly, Hit, Golden Frieza, Jiren or Gogeta? Let's debate in the comments!

    This is my first Mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ so it's far from perfect.

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    - Extract DBFZ_Gokhan_b1_by_Frogbull.zip
    - Copy Frogbull_Gokhan_b1.pak, Frogbull_Gokhan_b1.sig, Frogbull_Gokhan_b1_CinematicSequences.pak and Frogbull_Gokhan_b1_CinematicSequences.sig in your "~mods" folder (...DRAGON BALL FighterZREDContentPaks~mods)
    - You can remove Gokhan_CinematicSequences.pak if you want to avoid some bugs

    Known Bugs:
    - Outlines aren't Fixed
    - Blue Aura instead of Normal Aura for Gokhan
    - Blue Aura instead of Super Saiyan Aura for Super Gokhan

    Known Bugs (only with Frogbull_Gokhan_b1_CinematicSequences):
    - Gohan's eyes shake a little before the Fusion
    - Vegeta SSJ texture is totally bugged
    - Vegeta Blue replaced by a bugged Gohan (Adult)
    - Goku Blue replaced by Goku SSJ

  • event_note Changelog

    Gokhan (Beta 1)