Goku AF uniform and SSJ5 (my concept)

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    Goku AF uniform and SSJ5 (my concept)

    Hi guys, today I offer you my idea of Goku Super Sayan 5

    I propose this mod with Divisa that approaches that of goku in Dragon Ball AF (never released)

    the mod includes

    in color 01 of goku SSBlue you will find Goku SS5

    in color 02 you find goku super SSBlue with AF uniform

    Super sayan blue in a classic uniform available in the remaining colors
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

    The AF uniform is also available for Goku SS in the color 01 and color 02


    I hope you liked the idea: D

    Enjoy it :)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    extract and put in Mod folder