Half Corrupted Fused Zamasu (Beta)

  • description Description

    Half corrupted fused zamasu joins the fight! He has a good few bugs but i'm gonna go ahead and upload him. i plan on updating him pretty soon. he has no UI changes and i really didn't plan on making them. but if someone else makes them i will include them in the next update. Again as title says BETA meaning i plan to update the lines on the arms fix rig in some spots and fix some lighting bugs. as of now he does not have a ki blade in his combos since they were always on screen (idk why) so they are gone for now.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drop in ~mods

  • event_note Changelog

    0.3 Beta release.

    0.4 Fixed shadows on right side of face (purple side) being green. see new screenshot for the change.

    0.4.5 Fixed the outline on the mouth and some other small bugs. also redid all screenshots.

    0.7 Alot of fixes for outline,rigging,shading,ect. also all new screenshots. this is more or less the final version (for now). other then UI and such.