Mastered Super Ultra Goku SSB (Animation Fixed)

  • descriptionDescription

    In this update you have the choice of two paks

    Mastered Super Ultra Goku SSB and SS 1.1

    in this one the model is on SS goku and SSB Goku

    with following recolor

    Color01: Super Ultra Goku

    Color02: Goku SSG

    Color03: Ultra Goku

    Color04: Super ultra goku white Ki (Blanco)

    Color05: Goku SSG original gi

    Color06: Super Ultra Goku original gi

    Color11: Base Goku Gi inspired of GT


    Mastered Super Ultra Goku only SSB 1.1 Hylden Pack

    In this one the model is only on SSB Goku

    and Hylden add some recolor like SSB goku on SS goku

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Put in your mods Folder and play offline

  • event_noteChangelog


    the model now work on SS Goku

    added an other version of the mod

    added goku base form