Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Pack

  • descriptionDescription

    Since I have made all  Mighty Morphin Power Ranger mods I decided to compile it and upload here:
    Include in this pack

    2 Red Ranger version for Trunk 

    1/Red Ranger Trunk

    2/Red Ranger Vol 2 Trunk (AKA Dragon Shield Red Ranger)

    2 Green Ranger version for Bardock

    3/Green Ranger V2 Bardock (Transform while using super)

    4/Permanent Green Ranger V2 Bardock  (V2 appearence in all form)

    Other Ranger mod

    5/Android 17 as Blue Ranger

    6/Android 18 as Pink Ranger

    7/Android 21 as Yellow Ranger

    8/Beerus as White Ranger

    9/Zamasu as Black Ranger

    10/Goku Black as Lord Drakkon

    11/Nappa as Megazord

    Avatar mod

    12/Green Ranger Avatar(Replace Bardock avatar)

    Model ripped from Power Ranger Legacy Wars and Power Ranger Dash

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    You can install all mods seperately
    How to install
    1/Create a folder named ~MODS inside DRAGON BALL FighterZREDContentPaks~MODS
    2/Extract and copy  your desired ranger mod folder into  ~MODS  folder (remember to use one version of red ranger and one version for green ranger mod only)