Opening Cinematic but With the Budokai 2 OP Theme

  • description Description

    My version of the Dragon Ball FighterZ opening cinematic, edited to have Kusuburu heart ni Hi o Tsukero!! by Hironobu Kageyama as the backing theme. Some extra footage was thrown in to fit the duration of the song.

    Future versions using alternate versions of the song may or may not come in the future depending on if there's interest in it.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Step 0) Rename the file you downloaded from me to "mv_opening_ww_pakchunk1"

    Step 1) Locate the following directory: in steamapps>common>DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

    1. Step 2) Then locate: RED>Content>Movies
      Step 3) Either remove the file in the folder titled "mv_opening_ww_pakchunk1" or leave it in the folder and rename it to something else in case you decide to start using it again.
      Step 4) Dump my file titled "mv_opening_ww_pakchunk1.mp4" into the "Movies" folder.
      Step 5) Enjoy!