SSGSS (Completed) Vegeta

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    This is the "Mastered Form" of SSGSS which 1st appeared in the comic/manga. It's not 100% finish yet, so I will be updating it.

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    Extract the 2 files to > DRAGON BALL FighterZ/RED/Content/Paks/~mods folder.

    If you have any other Vegeta mods installed, then his (new) colors may not display as intended!

  • event_note Changelog


    OK, I'm DONE with these VGM sites! I'm [never] uploading to them again! >:{
    This is the 4th time they deleted 1 of my Mods for no reason... (Xeno. 2) Vegeta-Sama Pack [Deleted]!?
    Yet, I've seen others using my Vegeta Mod (with the Eyes), then changing the color, then uploading it
    as their own without giving credit! [Which I thought is supposed to be against the rules...] Yet, nothing
    happens to them! WTH?! I never complained once about that, yet my Mods get deleted for no reason!? :

    [Strew this shit, I'M DONE!]



    Update: v2.4 (Fixed)

    Fixed the weird color changes that where showing up in some of his Moves.



    Update: v2.4

    Moved to [Color 1] now, and can be used with colors 2 - 12. (Thank "DasMeister" for this suggestion.)
    Lobby Character has also been updated. (Yes, the eyes are there too.)



    Update: v2.3

    The Eyes have been added.

    You must [delete] v2.2 1st, otherwise the "eyes" won't show, and/or you'll just be wasting space on your HDD!

    [Delete] > SSGSS_Vegeta.pak
    [Delete] > SSGSS_Vegeta.sig



    Update: v2.2

    Most (not all) images have been updated, along with some of his aura & particles.



    Updated: v2.0 (Fixed)

    Costume and hair are more accurate to the show now.
    Added him to [Color 2], so you can keep his (default) SSGSS in Color 1.


    Also added a (teaser) video of my custom #18. :^)

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