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  • description Description

    It's not 100% finish yet, so I will be updating it.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the 2 files to > DRAGON BALL FighterZ/RED/Content/Paks/~mods folder.

    If you have any other Vegeta mods installed, then his (new) colors may not display as intended!

  • event_note Changelog


    Admin's Note here. I cannot find any record on 3/4 Deleted mods that Kale uploaded, since it wasn't documented. I can find one which states that it was using a model from another mod, but why the other three were removed I don't know, and sadly will probably never know.

    However, if you're confused as to why your mods are taken down with no reason, then simply just ASK us, instead of getting angry in the CHANGELOG of your own mod. As for why other mods using the same eyes aren't removed, it's most likely because editing the eyes like this is NOT a complicated thing to do, therefor it's not "using my Vegeta Mod (with the Eyes)". Had the model itself been edited to make the eyes look like this, it would've been theft if people used it, and that would've been taken down right away.

    But regardless of what happened to those mods, I cannot answer, and no other Moderator has come out to let us know if they did it or not. We'll be a lot more strict with our Moderators from now on, and if you have questions to why your mod was removed, it does not take long to just PM us either here on the website, or on the AGM Discord Server.

    I hope situations like these can be solved in a more mature way from now on. The mod has been republished, but if the modder returns and asks for it to be taken down, we'll remove it again.

    Best Regards: FZMods Admin


    OK, I'm DONE with these VGM sites! I'm [never] uploading to them again! >:{
    This is the 4th time they deleted 1 of my Mods for no reason... (Xeno. 2) Vegeta-Sama Pack [Deleted]!?
    Yet, I've seen others using my Vegeta Mod (with the Eyes), then changing the color, then uploading it
    as their own without giving credit! [Which I thought is supposed to be against the rules...] Yet, nothing
    happens to them! WTH?! I never complained once about that, yet my Mods get deleted for no reason!? :

    [Strew this shit, I'M DONE!]



    Update: v2.4 (Fixed)

    Fixed the weird color changes that where showing up in some of his Moves.



    Update: v2.4

    Moved to [Color 1] now, and can be used with colors 2 - 12. (Thank "DasMeister" for this suggestion.)
    Lobby Character has also been updated. (Yes, the eyes are there too.)



    Update: v2.3

    The Eyes have been added.

    You must [delete] v2.2 1st, otherwise the "eyes" won't show, and/or you'll just be wasting space on your HDD!

    [Delete] > SSGSS_Vegeta.pak
    [Delete] > SSGSS_Vegeta.sig



    Update: v2.2

    Most (not all) images have been updated, along with some of his aura & particles.



    Updated: v2.0 (Fixed)

    Costume and hair are more accurate to the show now.
    Added him to [Color 2], so you can keep his (default) SSGSS in Color 1.


    Also added a (teaser) video of my custom #18. :^)