Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

  • descriptionDescription

    He's finally here, preforming for you!
    If you know have the DLC you can fight him too!
    Install your mods, if you want to play
    As we take you through, this monkey game!
    Gogeta is here!
    (mod is technically unfinished since it's missing UI but if you have any other suggestions lemme know!)
    Comes with...
    -SSJ4 Gogeta over SSB Vegito (minor sfx changes as well)
    -SSJ4 Gogeta Avatar, also over SSB Vegito
    -Slightly edited aura (Thanks Lean for letting me use your SSJ aura!)
    -DDLC Color exclusive to the DBFZ Modding Discord!
    Thanks to RT3Filmz for the face normals (you are absolutely amazing), and LeanMB5 for letting me use their SSJ Aura for this mod. Couldn't have done this without you!
    If you wanna do recolors go ahead, just make sure to credit me or link back to this mod!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    VTB_All = Fighter
    VTB_Avt = Avatar
    If there's any bugs and/or glitches, let me know and I'll fix them for the 1.0 release!

  • event_noteChangelog

    Public Beta 0.8:

    • Second public release, p much finished asides from UI. 

    Eye See You! (v0.85): 

    • Eye texture overhaul, now has pupils and eyeliner for the colors that need them (represented with picture captions that end in v0.8.5, will get the other pictures later).
    • Hair's been re-rigged slightly, more noticeable around the flaps on his chest. May break, lemme know if you see clipping.

    The Aura is Separate Now

    1st Base (v0.9):