Super Saiyan Blue Gohan that transforms into Gohan “Blanco” v1.4

  • description Description

    This is my first mod for... anything. So, i hope you like it.
    First of all, if you have the "Gohan Blanco" mod that was posted in this page before, that might cause you problems with this, even if you have it inactive. But it's the only problem i had.
    This mod isn't complete, I still have some things that i want to do.

  • event_note Changelog

    -Fixed the blue line in his eyes
    -New VS. image

    -Better VS. Image
    -Blue eyes
    -Blue eyebrows

    -Arcade Image
    -Story Image
    -Edit Team image
    -Arcade "Banner" Image
    (As you can see in the screenshots, I still have some images to change)

    -Added to all the colors
    -Added to the clones