Super Vegito: 2020 Edition!

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    What you'll find in this mod:

    1.) All character renders are fully implemented. (Character select background and icon, & battle icon.)
    2.) SSB model has been swapped for SSJ. Compatible with Vegito's normal alternate colors.
    3.) Replaced the theme of Vegito, source can be found here:
    4.) Changed Vegito's auras to the SSJ versions.
    5.) Recolored and renamed (Super Vegito) the SSGSS version of Vegito's lobby avatar. (Includes all 12 colors.)
    6.) Replaced the SSGSS Goku & Vegeta in the Final Kamehameha animation with their SSJ counterparts.
    7.) Renamed "Vegito (SSGSS)" to "Super Vegito."
    8.) Swapped one of Vegito's character select lines. 


    Words of note: 

    This mod is merely an updated version of Lean's old one. There are a few new additions, but the bulk of the work was already completed. Please support and give your praise to the original mod author. Thank you. <3


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Drag and drop the folder within "Super Vegito.rar" into your "~mods" folder.

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  • UploaderJakku
  • ModderJakku (Updated from LeandroBuscaglia's original mod.)
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  • UpdatedMar 14, 2020
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