Tournament Of Power/GT Freeza

  • descriptionDescription

    "I am the strongest in the Universe! Lord Freeza!"

    This is a simple yet effective mod, this adds a halo similar to the ones found in DBZ/DBS to Freeza.
    What this mod adds:
    Gives Base Freeza a Halo Similar to the Show
    Gives Golden Freeza a Golden Halo
    Has 2 Black Halos over 2 colors

    Buff Freezas Halo just Appears invisible so I scrapped it, his Nova Strike is Too Bright.

    Addtional Recolor Mods will most likely make the Halo black. if you would like to make a recolor for Halo Freeza, the UVs for his Halo are the four farthest pixels in the top Right.

    His toes might be a bit funky, im not sure why, my best guess is weight transfer doesnt exactly account for toes crossing on eachother. It wasnt a big deal imo. 

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    put in ~mods