Trigger X Gainax Music Pack *Broken as of 5/15/18*

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    This mod replaces the current music in DBFZ to music from anime made by Studio Trigger and Gainax

    Tracks featured in this pack are from FLCL, Kill la Kill, and TTGL


    • Menu/Lobby Theme: Thrust through the heavens with your spirit!
    • VS Theme: Ai -Tsukamimasu II
    • Character Select: Boing Vs Boing
    • Results: Gomen ne liko ja Irarenai instrumental


    • Goku/Blue: Sorairo Days
    • Goku Black: 寝LLna聴9
    • Gohan/Teen: Secret
    • Trunks: Secret
    • Vegeta/Blue: Sirius (i paid 99 cents for this damn song be happy)
    • Yamcha: Gomen ne liko ja Irarenai
    • Gotenks: Little Busters
    • Android 16: Before my body is dry
    • Android 18: Till I Die
    • Freezia: Kiる厭KiLL
    • Ginyu: Blumenkranz
    • Cell: 斬LLLア生LL
    • Krillin: Gappi wa Hyakudai no Kakaku nari
    • Piccolo: I want to know
    • Tien: 鬼龍[email protected]キLL
    • Buu/Kid: Buta Mogura wa Rasen no Yume wo Miru ka
    • Hit: goriLLA蛇L


    • World Tournament: Secret
    • Land of Kai's: Love and rock, Peace
    • Rocky: Rap wa Otoko no Tamashii da!
    • Cavern: Libera me from hell
    • Cell Games: Gattai Nante Kuso Kurae
    • Island: Crazy Sunshine
    • Space: Ride on shooting star
    • Plains: キ龍ha着LL
    • West City/Destroyed: Beautiful morning with you
    • Namek Destroyed: Suck your blood

    Note: Some of the songs are lower quality than others due to the size limitations of what you can put in a music pack, but i will be fixing that soon

    (Goku, Gohan, and Trunks are secrets gotta find out by using it)


    S/O to MexicanBBQ for making the music replacer

    S/O to a twitter post that made me want to make this



  • speaker_notes Installation

    Copy the contents of the rar to your ~mods folder 

    so it should look something like this

    D:SteamLibrarysteamappscommonDRAGON BALL FighterZREDContentPaks~modsCustomMod

  • event_note Changelog

    V1.3 *Mods Busted As Of 5/15 For The Time Being*

    V1.2 There was a site rollback but the mod works on the 2/28 patch a few songs were changed here and there, if there's song or anything you want in 1.3 Please tell me!, will probably be adding msuic from Inferno Cop, Franxx, and EVA 

    V1.1: Fixed Song choices, Fixed quality of some songs, Fixed Lobby theme

    V1.0: Released

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