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    Hello guys,

    Here's a 150+ hrs work for you,

    • Musics ripped from source CDs
    • encoded with the highest quality avaiable
    • Soundtrack per stage tuned to last 300 seconds
    • 1 track = several cues, so it' a 70+ musics mod !
    • Handmade choice of cues for track, consistent with the anime
    • Everything with my love & knowledge of Dragon ball / Kikuchi's work !

    Modded musics :
    Wasteland (plaine) --> Early Buu saga score
    Town (west city) --> Androids saga score
    Destroyed town --> Dismal futur (OAV Trunks) score
    Tenkaichi Budokai --> every tournaments from DB to DBZ score
    Cell game --> Cell/Gohan SSJ2 saga score
    Space --> DBS Beerus saga score
    Rocky field (champ rocailleux) --> Saiyans saga score
    Namek --> Frieza saga score
    Volcano --> Dramatic Frieza score
    Kaioshinkai --> Late Buu saga score
    Islands --> Dragon ball Tao pai pai & Daimao saga score
    Cave --> Blue & DBZ movie 2 scores
    Galactic Arena --> Miscellaneous Kikuchi's
    Splash screen at launch --> something punchy ! You wanna launch the game 
    Lobby music --> nice & calm to chill for long time
    Character select screen --> Entering tournament score
    Battle loading --> Dramatic sound  !
    Result music --> Epic but calm sound, allowing you to stay on this screen without losing your mind

    There's also musics for characters : Trunks, Beerus, Broly (Z), Hit and Black!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just extract the folder in the Archive into your DRAGON BALL FighterZ steam folder. If you don't know how shit works, here a simple method : right click on your "DRAGON BALL FighterZ" game on Steam --> "Properties" --> "LOCAL FILES" --> "BROWSE LOCAL FILES...". There you can drag & drop the archive's content, or follow the path.

    If you did right, You should have UltimateDBOST.ini, UltimateDBOST.pak & UltimateDBOST.sig in in the RED/Content/Paks/~mods folder.

    Use the mod manager tool to patch the exe and allow you to play with this mod !

    My advice : put the volumes to 100/60/60.

    With mod enabled (patched exe) : You can play offline, and you can play online against people who also have the patched exe. You just can't play on the ladder (because 100% here doesn't have mods), and you can't play private matches against people with the legit exe.

    To go back to the legit exe, just go on steam --> "DRAGON BALL FighterZ" --> "Properties" --> "LOCAL FILES" --> "Verify data integrity", and you will have a fresh version !


  • event_noteChangelog


    • Added galactic arena, Trunks, Beerus, Broly (Z), Hit & black tracks, modified wasteland track.
    • Added DBF mod manager into the archive to handle easily your DBF. Simplier to use than ever, and you can play online with it !


    • Archive from 2,3Gb to 70Mb. Thank you NeoXM3 !
    • Avoided every stuff with anticheat, new launcher, and modsOFF modsON. Just the essential now, and way easier to use !

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