Ultimate Gohan Recolor by BenichonSan (me)

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    Ultimate Gohan Recolor pak by BenichonSan (me) with teaser of a skin of Gogeta requested in the last screen (for one who requested it, still don't know which slot to use).
    I worked much more on this one than the previous ones even if people don't see (i'm really exhausted).

    Animation with Lvl3 / Broly will change the transformation for some skin like Gohan SSJ God or Gohan SSJ4.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Unzip it inside Steam\steamapps\common\DRAGON BALL FighterZ\RED\Content\Paks\~mods

    Use DBFZ-mod-manager.exe to get the exe that permit to play the mod.

  • event_noteChangelog


    Color 2 : Gohan Super Saiyajin.
    Color 3 : Gohan SSJ God.
    Color 4 : Gohan Broly movie Normal.
    Color 5 : Gohan Broly movie SSJ.
    Color 6 : Gohan Student of Hercule School.
    Color 7 : Gohan Student of Hercule School with sport swear.
    Color 8 : Gohan Great Saiyaman against Dabura.
    Color 9 : Gohan Kaioshin (maybe can be improved).
    Color 10 : Gohan Black Rose.
    Color 11 : Gohan Broly.
    Color 12 : Gohan SSJ4.

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  • UploaderRazLaron
  • ModderBenichonSan (RazLaron as you want so me)
  • Mod Version1.0
  • Supported Game Version1.25
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  • UpdatedNov 4, 2020
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