Vegeta Recolor (DBS Broly Movie)

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    Vegeta Super Saiyan
    C02-Super Saiyan
    C03-Super Saiyan Yellow
    C04-Super Saiyan God
    C05-Legendary SS
    C06-Arlia Planet Suit (SS)

    C07-Base (Gi-Gray)
    C08-Super Saiyan (Gi-Gray)
    C09-Super Saiyan Yellow (Gi-Gray)
    C10-Super Saiyan God (Gi-Gray)
    C11-Legendary SS (Gi-Gray)
    C12-Evil Vegeta

    Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue
    C01-SS Blue Original
    C02-Ultra Instrinct Imperfect
    C03-Ultra Instrinct Perfect
    C04-SS Blue
    C05-SS Blue Limit Break
    C06-Arlia Planet Suit (SSB)

    C07-SS Blue Original (Gi-Gray)
    C08-Ultra Instrinct Imperfect (Gi-Gray)
    C09-Ultra Instrinct Perfect (Gi-Gray)
    C10-SS Blue (Gi-Gray)
    C11-SS Blue Limit Break (Gi-Gray)
    C12-Black Vegeta

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    Goodbye Vegetas!


    Thank you so much "mastaklo"

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Unzip files in the following path:  C:>>>Dragon Ball Fighter Z>>RED>>Content>>Paks>>~mods

    How to install, visit YouTube for a tutorial.