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    Yep, it's another Dragon Ball Japanese OST mod, featuring music from DB, DBZ DB Kai and DB Super. Sounds familiar right? So why bother with this one? Well I've tried to do a few things to make this mod stand out.

    First thing is I've tried to maintain an overall tone across all the music selections. Many mods for example have "Unmei no hi - Tamashii vs tamashii" as Gohan's theme, and while this is a logical choice, it is his actual theme from the anime, it doesn't fit the gameplay. It's not a fight song and having a match in DBFZ with this playing in the background can be rather jarring, at least imo.

    I also wanted to avoid any songs with lyrics with two exceptions, Yamcha and Ginyu.

    The last thing I've done for this mod is personally extend or blend each track to make sure that all of them are at least around 3 minutes to make sure that they don't loop in the middle of the fight. I also tried to give many songs (particularly Z songs) a bit of an intro for those who like to let the intro cutscenes rock before a match.

    With that said, let's take a look at the track list, I'll try to phrase the song names so that they're easy to look up on youtube so you can get an idea of what they sound like.

    Main Theme - Dragon Ball Z Opening 1 - Original 1989 Japanese
    I chose this version specifically because it has the "whoosh" sound at 5 seconds in. I grew up on DBZ and this song doesn't sound the same without that sound effect.

    Lobby Theme - DBZ Kai OST 3 - Dragon Ball Kai Title / Premonition of a Grand Adventure
    Appropriate lobby music imo. Not married to it, but it fits for me.

    Vs Screen Theme - Dragon Ball Eyecatch 2
    Blended a bit. I felt it fit the "upcoming match" tone and it was a good length to fit the short period in the game when it plays.

    Results Screen - The Braveheart's Triumphant Return
    Feels like a good "end of the episode" tune and works for lighthearted or serious characters.

    Character Select - Dragon Ball Z prologue music 1 (Vegeta,Frieza,Cell Saga)
    A lot of other mods have the Buu Saga version of this theme for chara select. I just prefer this one.


    Android 16 - Dragon Ball OST CD4 - Jinzoningen Machi E
    Edited a bit to cut out some of the slower portions of the song

    Android 18 - Mix of Dragon Ball OST CD4 - Soshi Se Yo! Cell No Kanzentai (0:40) and Dragonball Z OST 27 - Outstanding Ultimate Strength vs. Ultimate Strength(1:09)
    The first part of this song was used when 18 fought Vegeta and the second part keeps the same tone. I also threw a random intro at the beginning for those who like to have buildup music during the intros.

    Android 21Boss3 - Dragonball Super - Maidens from Universe 2 (HQ Recreation)
    Ribriane's transformation theme, personally extended. Fun little theme and I think it fits Android 21 well enough so I gave it to her.

    Beerus - Dragonball Super - Clash of Gods 2 (HQ Recreation)
    God music

    Buu/Kid Buu - Dragon ball Kai 2014 OST - 28. Reviving Majin Buu
    I was torn with this one since I love Kid Buu's DBZ theme, but I felt this does a good job of covering Kid and Majin. Also, Kid Buu's DBZ theme is rather short and looping it over and over felt lazy.

    Cell - Dragon Ball Z - Cell Fight Music Theme
    The video that comes up from this search doesn't have the intro, but nuff said. It's Perfect.

    Frieza - A mix of Dragonball Z OST 20 - The Monster Freezer vs. The Legendary Super Saiyan (0:00) and Dragonball Z OST 15 - The Fearsome Ginyu Special Corps
    I might tweak this one a bit more as I feel it takes too long to get started but for now I went with this.

    Ginyu - Sanjou!! Ginyu Tokusentai!!- Ginyu Force Kai Theme
    One of the few tracks I'll allow with lyrics. Yes we are...!!

    Gohan - Dragon ball Kai 2014 OST - 27. Super Saiyan Three
    Yes, this is Goku's SSJ3 theme, it was also used in Super for Vegitto, AND it was also Mystic Gohan's theme against Super Buu

    Goku/Boss1 - Dragonball Super - Genki Dama Theme (HQ Recreation)
    I wanted a theme that fit Goku in either form since they share the same music in game. This gave off a very "main character" vibe as well since it's a remix of the DB Super intro 2.

    Goku Black - Dragonball Super - Orchestra of Justice [Perfect Quality Recreation]
    The most accurate sounding version of this theme I could find, personally extended.

    Gotenks - Dragonball Z OST 38 - Enter A New Hero
    Gotenks SSJ3 theme from DBZ

    Hit - DB Kai OST: Impatience
    Originally I used a track that played for Hit vs Dyspo, but the slow methodical pace of this track I felt suited a silent assassin better.

    Krillin - A mix of Dragonball Z OST 08 - The Saiyans are Coming!(1:07) and Dragon Ball Z soundtrack - Battle theme (Majin Vegeta) and Dragon Ball OST CD4 - Jinzoningen Machi E(3:43)
    This theme was tough and I might change it to a mix of original Dragon Ball music. Originally I had some DB tenkaichi music for him, but in game it felt too lighthearted and almost disrespectful to Krillin. Suggestions welcome

    Nappa - A mix of Dragonball Z OST 08 - The Saiyans are Coming!(1:35) and Dragonball Z OST 28 - Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors(1:08) and Dragon Ball OST CD5 - Dragonball Z
    I tried to go for heavy sounding themes, might find something else, suggestions welcome

    Piccolo - King Piccolo Theme
    From original DB, the hypest his theme has ever been. Personally extended

    Tienshinhan - A mix of... ??? I honestly forgot where I got the first part of this song, and Dragon Ball OST CD2 - Koroshi-Ya Tao Paipai
    I can't remember where the first part of this song came from, the second part however I gave to honor Tien's Crane school origins.

    Yamcha - YamCha "Wolf Hurricane"
    What other song could I possibly give this man? Lyrics be damned.

    Trunks - Dragonball Super OST - Desperate Assault Theme [HQ Recreation]
    Many mods use Battle Point Unlimited for Trunks, but it doesn't sound like any other DB song so I opted for this, his theme vs Zamasu

    Vegeta - Vegeta intro japanese music + Dragonball Z OST 29 - Extreme Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiyans 2:23 mark
    The first part always played when Vegeta showed up in the movies and the second track compliments that first part very well.

    Bardock - Dragon Ball Z Original Soundtrack - Solid State Scouter
    I cut off the weird chant or whatever at the beginning, other than that, pure Bardock

    Broly - Broly Theme - Soundtrack Original Japanese/Español
    I cut the intro off of this so it would better fit the way Broly runs in like a maniac during his intro. This is still a WIP, might find something better.

    Rocky Mountains - Dragon Ball Kai OST I-The Braveheart The Strong
    The actual best song from DB Kai. It played so much that it's not actually anybody's theme, so I put it here. Personally extended

    Cell Games - Dragonball Z OST 31 - The Cell Games Which Summon Death 2:15 mark
    While there are other parts of this theme more iconic, 2:15 I feel sets the appropriate tone and serves as great buildup during character intros

    Space - Dragon Ball Super Ost - Hit(Dyspo vs Hit) HQ
    Still trying to find a better way to extend this theme, for now this will have to do

    West City Destroyed - Dragonball Super OST - Desperate Assault Theme [HQ Recreation]
    Yes, it's also Trunks' theme, but it's quite fitting to the stage, plus the song is just great

    Cavern - Dragon Ball Super OST/Unbreakable Determination.
    Great DB Super song, personally extended.

    Namek Destroyed - Dragon Ball Kai OST I-Destiny.wmv
    Personally extended

    World Tournament - Dragonball Z OST 45 - Son Goku is the Strongest after all!!
    I'll probably change this, give me your suggestions

    West City - Dragon Ball FighterZ - West City
    I just like this song so I left it unchanged, let me know if you want something in its place. I did however equalize the volume so that this would be the same level as the other tracks.

    Island/Boss2 - Dragonball Super - Full Power! [HQ Recreation]
    Not sure if this fits the stage super well but that's where it is right now. Give me suggestions.

    Kaio World - Mix of Dragonball Z OST 29 - Extreme Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiyans(0:30) and Majin Buu / Kid Buu Theme - Soundtrack Original Japanese/Español
    This is one of the first mixes/extensions that I made and I'm not super satisfied with it anymore. Might tweak it in the future. Suggestions welcome

    Namek - Mix of Dragon Ball Kai OST I-Desperate Situation and DragonBall Kai OST Disastrous Spectacle
    Kind of a placeholder for now. My first attempt at blending Kai music and not just extending. Open to suggestions

    Plains Destroyed - A Mix of Dragonball Z OST 29 - Extreme Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiyans(1:53) and Dragonball Z OST 33 - Goodbye, Son Goku
    The second part of this mix is kinda slow, but damn is it epic if you destructive finish someone around the 0:50 mark of that song.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just go to your DBFZ folder, then into RED, Content, Paks and finally ~mods. Create a new folder in the ~mods folder and name it whatever you want, "custom music" for example. Drop these files into that new folder and you're all set. Be advised that the music is considerably lower in volume than the rest of the game so you'll probably want to turn the voices and effects down in game until you get a good balance. Personally I have my music set in game to about 30 ticks louder than the voices and effects.