Zaiko from Dragon Ball AF…!

  • description Description

    The bad guy of Toyble's AF... over Ultimate Gohan. 

    Sorry if the mod isn't very good, I'm not OniFox or Xan. 🙁 

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    Note : I didn't include the name change in the mod due to the problem of compability with future versions of FighterZ & others mods, so, if you want to change the name here's a quick tutorial about it... 
    1. Go into REDContentLocalization Your language
    2. Open the file REDGame.uexp with 010 Editor.
    3. Change the mode to "Edit as : Unicode"
    4. Search your text, for example, "Frieza", then you will have many results (subtitles, for example), just edit want you want, edit the names under the CHARA NAME X Chara ID is enough to change character select name & in-battle HUD name, but if you want you can change some others things, like the Avatar names (these ones are under the AVATAR NAME Chara ID )
    5. The final step is just re-pack & test in-game. Have fun.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1/Create a folder named ~MODS inside DRAGON BALL FighterZREDContentPaks~MODS
    2/Extract and copy the whole folder "Zaiko" (the folder inside the rar) into the ~MODS  folder

  • event_note Changelog

    0.5 : Initial release