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    Here is my new mod for Dragon Ball Fighterz: Zarbon

    The mod is far from perfect and still needs some work to be accomplished but you can have a good preview with this video.

    This mod is a part of my namek saga project which contains the following characters who will be launched progressively :
    - Kid Gohan (Demon Gi)
    - Kid Gohan (Armor)
    - Krilin (Armor)
    - Zarbon
    - Dodoria
    - Reecome (damaged clothes)
    - Frieza base (with pod)
    - Goku ssj damaged clothes
    - Vegeta damaged clothes

    Enjoy, comments, and like :)

    >> version 1.0  : No UI Edit
    >> version 1.1  : UI Edit

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    unzip in ~mods directory