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    (Don't expect any updates for this Mod. I'm likely going to move forward with the Dokkan OST Mod from now on.)

    Hi there! My name is Zee, and this is my first mod!

    It’s a simple music pack, initially my first mod was gonna be a recolor pack but.. I may need more experience with that.

    This pack is based off of anything really, just a pack I made for personal use. Maybe it has some tracks you like, maybe it doesn’t, who knows!

    But here’s the basic rundown.



    Goku - Ultimate Battle (We.B Cover)

    Vegeta - SSJ Vegeta (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Gohan - Day Of Fate (Johnathan Young Cover)

    Freeza - “F” (Maximum The Hormone)

    Cell - Perfect Cell Theme [US. Ver] (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Buu - Super Buu Theme [Original Speed] (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Krillin - Krillin Theme II [Faulconer Remix] (DBZRemixes)

    Yamcha - Yamcha’s Theme [Faulconer Remix] (DBZRemixes)

    Tien - Tien's Theme [Faulconer Remix] (DBZRemixes)

    Piccolo - Piccolo’s Theme [JP. Ver] (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Trunks - Tapion's Theme (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Nappa - Nappa Theme [Faulconer Remix] (DBZRemixes)

    Ginyu - Sanjou Ginyu Tokusentai [English Ver] (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Gotenks - The Unparallelled Paragon of Hope [Level 4] (Dokkan Battle)

    Beerus - Hero (FLOW)

    Hit - Hit’s Theme [Unofficial] (Saiyan Enigma)

    Goku Black - Fused Zamasu Theme (Little V Cover)

    Broly - LSS Broly Theme (Dokkan Battle)

    Bardock - Solid State Scouter (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Vegito - Theme of Vegito Blue [PokeMixr92's HQ Cover] (Dragon Ball Super)

    Zamasu - Broly's Transformation Theme [HQ Epic Cover] (PokeMixr)

    Cooler - Cooler Theme (Dokkan Battle)

    Android 16 - What A Wonderful World [Ramones Rock Cover] (Louis Armstrong)

    Android 17 - Limit Break X Survivor [English Ver.] (We.B Cover)

    Android 18 - Theme of Android 18 [Hyper Monolith's Arrangement] (Super Butouden)

    Jiren - Mastered Ultra Instinct Theme (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Videl - Theme Of Videl (Dragon Ball Z Kai)

    GT Goku - Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku [Mark de Groot English Cover] (Dragon Ball GT)

    Janemba - Janemba’s Theme (XSergioX)

    Gogeta - Blizzard {I forgot which cover it was}

    Super Broly - Gogeta v. Broly [Blizzard English Vocal Ver.] (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Kefla - Fearsome Foe (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Ultra Instinct Goku - UI Goku Theme (Dokkan Battle)

    Namek - Challengers (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Destroyed Namek - Gohan VS Freeza [US. Ver] (Friedrich Habetler Cover)

    Rocky Field - Final Battle/vs. Gruntilda [Smashified REMIX] (Tazmi)

    West City - Zadok (Myrone)

    Destroyed City - Crisis City [REMIX] (AudibleSwiftness)

    World Tournament Arena - ESAKA!! [KOF 2002 UM] (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

    Islands - Polar 240 (ParagonX9)

    Cell Games Arena - Soy Sauce For Geese [KOF XIV] (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

    Wasteland - Kurikinton [REMIX] (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

    Land of the Kai’s - Kid Buu's Death Instrumental [Faulconer] (Dragon Ball Z)

    Space - Chaoz Fantasy (ParagonX9)

    Cavern - Spook (Denvish)

    Galactic Arena - Android 17 Theme [PokeMixr92's HQ Cover] (Dragon Ball Super)

    Boss (Super Warriors) - The Terrifying Transforming Majin [Level 4] (Dokkan Battle)

    Boss (Enemy Warriors) - Villainous Mode Theme (Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2)

    Boss (Android 21) - Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2 [Cover] (Sonic Colors)

    Extreme Butoden: Rocky Area - Battle of Omega (Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2)

    Extreme Butoden: Plains - Dragon Soul [Rock Cover] (CloneCommando)

    Extreme Butoden: Remote Island - Battle Theme [19] (Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2)

    Retro BGM 1 - Sa'eed (Infected Mushroom)

    Retro BGM 2 - Dark Sheep (Chroma)


    Lobby -  Menu Theme [Ver. 1] (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

    Character Select - Menu Theme (Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS)


    Anime Packs

    Any other songs I don’t have (I can’t find a definitive list of all the songs)

    With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy!

  • event_noteChangelog


    Added Ultra Instinct Goku's song and edited some of the others. Also added some more songs to fill the EB track list and added Sa'eed to the Retro list.


    Changed the character themes for Android 18, Vegito, and GT Goku. Changed the stage themes for Galactic Arena and Character Select


    Added Super Broly's track and slightly revised the Game Over Yeah replacement.


    Replaced tracks for Z Broly, GT Goku, Wasteland, World Tournament Arena,  Land of the Kai's, Namek, Destroyed Namek, and Cell Games Arena.

    Added a few misc. themes, Lobby, Character Select, Match Results, and Story Mode Game Over.

    Will add Super Broly's promised theme in the credits ASAP.


    Replaced tracks for Gohan, Nappa, Krillin,  Bardock, Cooler, Jiren, and the Space stage.

    Next to be replaced/added: Super Broly (assuming he has one), Z Broly, GT Goku, Wasteland.

    In development: A list of reasoning as to why what songs replace what. Read it if you want once it's public!

    Presumed update.. date: The week after Super Broly releases.


    Cropped Day of Fate.

    Added Tien, Yamcha, Android 18, Android 16, and GT Goku's themes.

    Added Stage Themes for Galactic Arena, 3 of the Extreme Butoden songs, and added songs to the credits that were not previously listed.

    Added replacement tracks for Blizzard, and Golden Wind.

    Various crediting adjustments.

    Replaced Vegito's track.